Just Beyond the Barrier

Let me guess . . . your life has been pretty good so far. Sure, a couple of unpleasant moments, but they come and go. You’ve had your share of freedom, love and happiness. But, somewhere along the path, you’ve tasted grandeur.

A moment or two that distinguished themselves from all the rest because of their majesty, and how exquisite they made you feel.

Your pre-plunge rhetoric goes something like this . . . ‘I’ve worked hard all my life to get to this place, to even be able to consider this plunge. It takes courage to just throw all that away and rely on something that is expressed only as an abstract word.’

And that is a valid statement. Most of us do a pretty good job at maintaining the status quo. Life is good, and a certain amount of courage is needed to put all of that in jeopardy.

This morning’s message was to be about the ‘push’ that might be able to facilitate the plunge.

The Infinite is personal, as personal as it gets. Adherence to your status quo is also personal. Life is good, and some elevated force is needed that supersedes the idea of just letting things continue for us to actually take a plunge.

It’s as simple as this . . . when your heart is ready to risk everything to experience the Infinite, you will know. You will experience a pure, safe feeling of being home. A place where everything becomes effortless. A place void of anger, mis-understandings, grief and negativity. The ‘plunge’ will become more like a hug.

The curtain comes down on this charade of life. We realize we have nothing of value that we can even bring to the table. To plunge? That answer comes to you. Sometimes from circumstances beyond our imagination. You have no say, no control, in their manifestations.

Putting everything on the line to be a servant of the highest magnitude.

Your answer will come, when life is good . . .

but just not good enough, for you.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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