A Perfect Day – Every Day

Be the PERFECT you. Take that to the world.

That unfortunate ‘problem’ you think you have to deal with doesn’t attach itself to you. You hold it in place and allow it to steal perfection from a day that could be, and should be, the best day of your life.

Sitting on your bicycle seat, looking out over Iceland’s wonderment, let that be your consciousness. Give that residence, not some unworthy discomfort from yesterday.

Turn off all your ‘Vacancy’ signs if necessary, until you feel your superiority and power to choose what will be part of your life.

‘Choose’, today. Then, ‘choose’ tomorrow.

Maybe there is something better, much better, for you than Iceland. Choose that. Make up a Utopia. Keep tweaking it just for you.

Seek ‘Most Perfect’.

Perfection is void of problems. If you sense any negativity, lock the door. Excuse yourself.

Go back to Iceland.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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