Knowing Nothing

A sobering touchstone, isn’t it?

If we know nothing, perhaps we are taking the idea of ‘learning’ anything a bit too seriously. If we know nothing, no preponderance of evidence is going to matter.

Thus, when we discuss any subject it should be done with humility, openness and fun. If we all know nothing, how can a person be dogmatic about anything?

Perhaps the key to discussions or any type of expostulation is that it be done joyously, playfully! All of it! No one person is ever ‘right’. No one ever has an exact knowing.

Let’s quit pretending there is some ‘known’ that we all have to find.

‘Knowing you know nothing’ – we should all share with each other as if we had shovels and buckets in our hands and we’re playing in a sandbox . . . laughing.

Can it be that we are all being fed ideas that are meant to be understood as potential problems for us? Concerns of health, money, inflation, economy, viruses, vaccinations, salvation – and a host of others. Freedom busters. Laugh inhibitors. Sandbox demolishers.

Ponder the news you hear everyday and how it is presented.

Freedom is not exactly what the ‘powers to be’ want for us.

I was just going out to play but they just made swing sets illegal.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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