When You Think You ‘Know’ – the Game Is Over

You’ve stamped the idea ‘MINE’ on some subject.

No longer will you toy with the ambiguity of that subject. No longer is any other comment about the idea welcome.

The freedom that was once there that considered validity and rationality has been chewed up and spitted out by credulity.

Provocations and probing comments which used to be springboards of elevated thought now are simply left to fall into the water to drown, and the evocative rhetoric which once ensued has become nothing but canned ‘answers’ made expressly to stifle.

The ‘self’ has taken over. Once a denizen of the world of understanding, it has self-elevated to a position of authority over all.

An impenetrable wall of human construction that proves nothing, other than fortifying its capacity to deny truth.

What if there are other more majestic paths available, or tweaks to your current way, that would provide more purity, more perfection? They will all remain hidden outside your barrier.

It is amazing, and unfortunate, how reasoning can be so crystal clear in all other areas, but when an individual plays his own, personal, ‘knowing’ trump card, that fortress of correctness and forthrightness crumbles.

Is it possible ‘not knowing’ is true knowledge?

Perhaps we’ll find out when the game is over.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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