Too many thoughts in one place? Is each idea interwoven with all the others? Has the ability to focus diminished because everything is so overlapped?

If you are there in that state of obscurity, your ability to fathom your priorities becomes faulty. That which you really want to be your highest ideal is just another fleeting whim, buried in entanglement.

Knowing your highest aspirations and having a ready association with them is critical to knowing your true self.

Separate your knotted quagmire. Disentangle the mess and one by one isolate each individual thread. Ask if you really want each one included in your make-up. Get the most important and assign it to its rightful position.

Mental housekeeping. Those attributes that are of a higher priority deserve more of your time. Those at the bottom should probably be discarded.

Rule your mind. Don’t allow the mediocre or negative residency.

Finding extra space now? Great! The Infinite is ready to fill those vacancies with the Magic of unboundedness.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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