The Buffet

Buffets are seldom spectacular, just like life. Many choices, all mediocre. But with proper shears the buffet can be made better- by snipping.

Considering the contents of the buffet as possibilities for our lives, we can improve the quality of our life just by cutting out things of marginal reward. If you hate carrots, you snip – and they are gone.

Likewise, you try different things in life and if they have no value – they too can be eliminated from your buffet.

A time can come though, after many things have been chopped, when there is always a gnawing feeling of insufficiency. Maybe there are five or six items still available on the buffet but you know none of them will alter that feeling of emptiness.

Many folks seem to be at this juncture. They wonder, ‘Is this all there is?’ They add items to the smorgasbord; wine, travel, a new friend, a book, a sport. But this insufficiency seems to be a virulent force, unaffected by anything known.

It brings a feeling of wanting a deeper connection, something formidable with meaning, something with infinite potency.

From here, there are two choices; continue the search for a more complete buffet, or snip all the items off the menu.

If the latter is chosen, understand that there is a viable purveyor of exactly what it is that you need. You won’t find it on GPS. It’s not that cute little cafe two doors down from Publix.

No, this venue comes to you!

Make sure your scissors are sharp. There’ll be no visitation until all items at the buffet are gone.

In their absence is when ‘Spectacular’ will walk right in your door.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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