Completed. Your day can now begin. You’ve prescribed events to fill your entire day.

But what if . . . some magical, life-changing idea, has been trying desperately just to get your attention? It knocks, it scratches, it waves at you, but your agenda is always so full the idea never gets noticed and gives up on you, leaves, and tries to find a more free and receptive participant elsewhere.

And yesterday – how many amazing possibilities were missed just because your agenda precluded them from even being noticed?

Tomorrow? Will your life be so full of yourself there will still be no chance that thoughts of a higher plateau have any chance of being recognized?

Life has its own agenda. Life – has its own agenda. Multi-faceted, complete in every detail, of the highest accord, fresh, vibrant and intoxicating. It is non-intrusive, waits in silence, knocks occasionally, and listens intently. Open to share its bounty with anyone desirous of its company and who will step aside and be open to a higher dimension.

It continues knocking, quietly, knowing that many times . . .

even over a lifetime . . .

the knocking is never heard.

Few agendas are sensitive enough, and empathetic enough, for its inclusion.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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