In the Context of . . .

At normal levels we accomplish tasks in the context of who we are.

A mom will take care of her child in the context of motherhood. An office worker will do his or her job in the context of a secretary.

As good as a person may try to accomplish a task, if it is done solely as a mother, a worker, a brother, a friend, or whatever – there is a limit as to how ‘good’ the outcome will be.

If a task is to be done, the Infinite may be called on – first. Why would we choose a starting point which is below us?

Context brings meaning. We can choose to begin anything, in the context of the Infinite. And how might this be facilitated?

Our responsibilities distill to one beautiful concept – ‘allowing’. We can disappear, taking our limitations with us. We can enter the sanctity of silence and let even the idea of words – vanish.

‘Allowing’ creates a playing field for ‘Sensations of Perfection’ to enter and sanctify and purify our lives. ‘Allowing’ brings infinite answers to worldly questions.

If the quality of answers is important, consider; context brings meaning. Choosing the highest context possible causes a person to ascend and experience information at new levels.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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