There you are at a crossroads, not so often physically standing there, but the exact situation occurs mentally all the time.

It’s so easy to just keep going straight. If habit always dictated there would never even be a pause. But, more frequently these days, when a crossroads is encountered there is also a very subtle calling to forget the routine and at least consider what is available down the side road. It’s calling you home.

Invariably your inner GPS rules and you continue straight, down the well-worn path of all the yesterdays you can remember.

With time comes questions that are more excellent. ‘Am I missing out on something?’ ‘Is there a personal enlightenment or guidance of some kind that applies just to me? How do I find it?’ And zingers, like . . . ‘What really matters most to me at this time in my life?’

What matters most?

Take a few minutes and hold those things that are so important to you up for scrutiny – one by one. Then ask, ‘Does this one capture all that I am, all that I ever hope to be, all that I can be?’ And don’t forget to consider the inherent limitations that each brings.

‘Liminal’ is a beautiful word that fits perfectly here. It means: barely perceptible or transitional. Crossroads are about the ‘liminal’. Things that are barely perceptible and yet can be dramatically transitional.

Study the guy in the picture for a moment.

From where will his answer come?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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