The Final Blog

If this were the last day of my life I would be writing my final blog. So, hopefully a bit prematurely, I am going to attempt a ‘last’ blog, now. One that tries to bring the meaning of all the other blogs together and makes a tad more sense of this thing called the Infinite.

Above, is Nothingness. The fragmented outline of a person.

That’s a fair start. No words that describe who the person is, or what he or she does. Nothingness . . . and a wisp.

Somehow. Some way. That Nothingness – is everything. Everything.

The Nothingness is not to be; searched for, studied, ‘won over’ or mastered. Just . . . accepted. You don’t play this game, you sit in the bleachers and catch glimpses of how it is played.

That’s a fair middle section.

Now . . . go and totally erase the outline of the person. Allow his or her complete disappearance.

Words no longer exist, and our feeble ideas disintegrate with their absence.

That’s a fair ending.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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