How Are You Today?

If the answer is ever longer than the word ‘fine’ the best we can hope for is a list of maladies and problems.

When that question is asked or replied to, it is done with the idea that we have NO input whatsoever into the answer.

Each of us is the entity that makes sense of this world. We are the individuals that give meaning to everything we experience. But when we are asked ‘how are you doing?’ the best we can do is to tell others about the problems of our world and how those negatives are making us feel!? Really? Really???

No matter what the qualities of the circumstances are that we are engaged in, we – you and I – can tell ourselves how those circumstances make us feel. No matter what is going on externally, we can be absolutely tremendous, internally.

Your car won’t start. You can immediately feel anger, and most do. But you can just as easily find bewilderment instead and ponder who, and what wonderful things, will come into your life because of this occurrence. This can be done with any situation that is usually considered unfavorable.

How are you today? Don’t rely on how your world is making you feel. Be dogmatic! Attest to the condition you want.

I am perfect! I am so happy! It’s your decision. Declare it . . .

and that is how you will be.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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