What’s That Noise?

We spend all our lives reducing uncertainty. Almost every question we ask is to do just that: What’s that noise? What color should I paint that wall? Where do you want to eat? What’s the weather going to be?

We ask ourselves, ‘What am I going to do today? Our ‘quality control’ system kicks in automatically and monitors every choice we make.

There are rare exceptions where additions and substitutions are not suitable. If you go to see an opera or a philharmonic orchestra, you want every note to be perfect, not an improvisation. But in actuality, that mindset carries over to every choice we make.

‘Cause = that’s the way we roll – isn’t it? Always about culling – getting rid of possibilities – subtraction. Eliminating everything so we can get to a thing we know, that we understand, that we assume to be the best.

It’s simpler that way. When you get to the end of the questioning what remains is the answer! How convenient.

But what would happen if it was required; to come up with ten ‘wrong’ answers – first? Ten suggestions that are brand new. All found using no progression or continuity, but by mandated boldness and mandated failure! Potentially new Magic!

Don’t look now but we’ve just discovered a possible way of visiting the Infinite through the back door, by welcoming . . .


Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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