The Practical Infinite

You’re meeting an old friend for lunch, but you want this time together to be as good as possible. (Infinite?)

So, the best restaurant is chosen, with the best food, best wine, best ambience and the best servers. The lunch is about sharing and you want to start with the best.

The lunch comes and goes and the only memories are about sinking buildings, the weather and some strange ailment a friend in common is experiencing. Everything which could be found in a newspaper.

Remember the lunch you had with a friend long ago? The one that just flowed. The one that was deep, insightful, gripping, and you couldn’t wait to hear your friend’s replies? The one where subjects were broached that you had never even thought of before.

Ever wonder why those occurrences are so infrequent?

Guaranteed . . . both parties were at peace. Neither had an agenda. There was complete freedom. There was genuine interest in the other person which was responsible for the natural flow of rhetoric. The superficial was disregarded such as talk about a favorite food. It was replaced with questions about a highest feeling or a most elated vision.

How can a lunch be so ‘elevated’ that it is remembered as the best lunch you ever experienced?

Don’t show up. Pack up all your ideas of what constitutes a great lunch. With them include all the topics you want to discuss and throw the whole bundle away. Don’t show up. Leave that person at home.

It is about ‘bewilderment’. Being lost. Uncertain about everything. Open. Receptive. Playful. Free – from everything.

Don’t show up. Just appear. Be led. Silent. Allow what the Infinite has for you to come through. You are just an apparition. Experience. Listen. Speak when you are given something to say.

Practical? You bet! Your ‘job’ is reduced to doing nothing, Just being yourself. Your highest self.

Then, enjoy sharing the highest thoughts.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Exactly! The pleasure comes from just being in the flow…being our highest authentic self, with others that offers the same.


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