Personal Fortress

Almost each morning the words of this blog coalesce in some mysterious way into possibilities and are ‘published’. As their conduit, I wonder about the likelihood of their survival.

Of great importance is the fertility of their landing spot. Do they come to rest on rich soil ready for growth? Or, do they meet with a solid rock wall as shown in the fortress above?

If you are reading this blog from within your fortress there is no hope of any surprises or new insights. If each word put forward hits your human wall of judgment, every one will die on contact.

What is desired, what has to take place, is a gap between what you read and your reaction to it. If a sledgehammer immediately comes down on each word you are not fond of, you are wasting your time reading these posts.

If you’d like to continue, put up that hammock outside of your fortress. Read from there, listen from there, in quietness. This ‘Infinite’ is abstract at best. It is not designed for human rationalization.

These excerpts are but impure attempts at conveying ultimate, pristine, unadulterated possibilities. Whether or not, after your judgment of them, you agree or disagree with the content, is totally irrelevant.

Your fortress is a carapace, a shell, protecting your old manner of thinking from having to change. A ‘prison’ if you will.

Ultimately, these excursions into the Infinite are but tests of courage. They determine whether or not you want to be on your own, to stand on your own two feet – – – or if you would rather retire to the protective confines of a well-worn fortress and rely on its values instead.

In the solitude of the hammock, take a look over at your fortress, your refuge, your very foundation – you. Then consider . . .

the only time the Infinite has any meaning whatsoever is when you begin doubting the value of that old building.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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