Where is Home?

An ‘inquiline’ is an animal that lives in the nest of another species. I wonder if – we all are inquilines?

As with everything else, we learn what ‘home’ is. We are taught where it should be, how big, etc.

Many moons ago I visited relatives who had just purchased a house on five acres that had a beautiful stream running right through it. I remember thinking that if I lived there I would build an office/studio right over the stream. What a hoot that would have been.

But there is always that trek back to reality and that little dream was never thought of again. We are so mandated by jobs and logistics that things like ‘streams’ and countless other positive factors are forgotten.

Perhaps you are an inquiline living in a domicile that seems fitting, but your perfect home would really be by a waterfall in New Zealand.

It is staggering to realize how little we know about our ‘real’ selves. How little we know about the home in which we would flourish to the highest extent.

Instead, we make do with the confines of whatever is most convenient.

I wonder if inquilines in the wild remodel?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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