Your Perfect Playground

Let’s say that the above picture depicts the perfect playground for you.

You are there with your significant other, delighting in the splendor, when an argument ensues. The negative is given a key and it enters and takes over, hiding all the perfection that was just there. It rips the heart out of a perfectly beautiful day.

A gorgeous vacation spot has been reduced to a venue no better than a ghetto. Wiped out by a single negative thought.

We all have experienced at least something similar. We do a pretty good job navigating life, but then some unique thing happens that offends us and it is like we have to set things straight.

To hell with the setting, the vacation, the ambience. To hell even with the person we are with . . . we have been hurt and no matter the cost, no matter what has to be given up or lost, we somehow feel obligated to stand up for ourselves. We dive into the negative and drag whatever happens to be around us in with us.

What is this ‘obligation’ that is so important it supersedes everything else? The simplest, most innocuous thing, can just take on a life of its own and become an insidious, toxic phenomenon. The reason for this ugly trait is personal and will be left for self-examination.

We can be miserable . . . or NOT! At any moment that decision rests within us. We may have to override the sensation to prove ourselves or to ‘set things straight’, but we can do that – every – single – time.

We can decree that we will only exist within the positive. That no flaw will disenfranchise us from time spent in perfection.

This ‘negativity’ tarnishes everything it touches; us, our minds, our friends, our happiness, our well-being. Hours are wasted, time lost. And we get nothing in return.

Conceive your perfect playground. Let nothing even tarnish that perfection. Lock out the negative. Exult in the positive.

Accept no dark, blurred-out visions for your life.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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