Unknown 2

We mature. Learn that the creaky door means it’s time for oil. The monsters are some kind of reflection. Experience and knowledge explain away many fears, many unknowns – here on this side.

But, when the screen is totally black, when our footing is uncertain, when the banisters have vanished along with every other safety devise, the game becomes infinitely more interesting.

Our egos thrive on the familiar. As the familiar evaporates our sense of composure takes notice. Uneasiness and fear may enter as the unknown takes prominence.

Out beyond the familiar; the nameless, the Infinite.

You close your eyes and it seems it is on your doorstep. It’s proximity to you and your relationship with it is up to you. You don’t find your way to it, it finds you.

It recognizes ultimate surrender; when you relinquish any armor or weapons used to battle, when you sever ties with other entities that would challenge the Infinite, when you give up fighting for anything you might deem important.

Those actions acknowledge yourself as a willing participant. That is all. You can’t do anything to speed up the process. It comes down to how little you do . . . how much you give up and the quality of that cleansing.

In that purity is the real you. No hypocrisy, no greed, no lies, no words.

Just perfection, bliss and emancipation.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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