To what . . . is your free-spirit tied?

A man, sitting in a suit, declaring his free-spirit by a thin red stripe in his tie.

Free-spirited . . . compared to what, the tame?

Tell me about the space you have reserved for the ‘unheard of’.

Tell me about the area you have sectioned off for the ‘unimaginable’.

Even lofty thoughts you have about yourself can merely define who you are more thoroughly, and create additional restraints as to what you might experience, or become.

Secret areas, places that remain clueless to almost everyone, beckon.

Check all your belongings at the door, please; friends, family, beliefs, knowns, language, desires, expectations, limits, inhibitions.

Prepare your spirit to be unchaperoned at the highest level . . .

and free of all hitching posts.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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