That’s the number of places you can go for answers to your problems. The addition of this blog brings the number to 7,483,230.

Browse millions of YouTubes, try out a thousand religions, read myriad books, listen to the T.V., go to lectures. Right before a decision is made people consult themselves. They dig down a little and do whatever it is that’s on the top of the list in their minds.

There never were, aren’t now and never will be perfect answers for anything. We’re all wired differently and we have unique mental capacities and values.

This blog, like all others, is not meant for everyone. To some, there will be little or no resonance, nothing that captures their attention. Others may have a connection to it.

It appears that we only get one chance at this thing called life, in which case it is profitable to make the best possible choices we can for ourselves.

You can take your chances and begin your perusal of the 7+ million resources available to you. But realize, every one of them is nothing but another person’s guesses as to what is best for you.

Instead of spending time reviewing the experiences of others, why not spend it getting in touch with who you are? A few silent minutes alone with yourself allows your personal attributes and spirit to mix. Each time is a new recipe and each time the result may be utterly outstanding.

You want pin-point accurate feedback, tailored to your likings? Who would be better to do that than you!?

Everyone has opinions. Forget about the 7,483,230.

Refine the process of ‘knowing yourself‘.

Rely on your wisdom for answers.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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