In the Zone

You’re lost; in play, reading a great story, engaged in a sport, writing, dreaming.

You are in the process of action, but you are not trying, and your actions are effortless.

You experience no pressure. Your mind has turned you loose.

The ‘zone’ that you’re in is real and the associated ecstasy is real.

In the zone, you are floating carefree down the river.

The zone is accessible. Ponder what was going on the last time it occurred. Duplicate that scenario. How?

Create your own Magic. Devise ways to dismiss problems and obligations. Create escape hatches from anything unpleasant. Give thanks as you go. Make it fun. Laugh. Skip. Play. Make it a game.

Your mind can do amazing things. Let it filter everything out that is precluding you from the zone.

Then, be at ease, float.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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