The Selective Process

Within all of us is a mishegas of craziness. A potpourri of ideas, interpretations and tidbits on innumerable topics.

Unfortunately, a few of these can have negative affects and can be quite disturbing. They can pop up at any time, unannounced and unsolicited, and become parts of our life.

In the picture above it shows chaff being winnowed from the wheat. Available within us, and coming as standard equipment, is our ability to winnow the unsavory thoughts we may have from the ones we want to cherish and keep.

All the thoughts and ideas we have flitting around in our minds are there because we permitted their entry and allowed them to take up residency. Ultimately we claim them as being who we are.

On the brighter side, every last bit of what you would classify as negativity in your life can be discarded and each new, unworthy, idea may be denied entry.

This ‘ability of exclusion’ is a powerful tool that can eliminate so much anxiety and strife from a life.

It’s not your job to negotiate every problem you witness. Give yourself the latitude to be selective.

Know yourself. Then permit only those potentials which embolden that chosen form to be part of your life.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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