A couple of days ago a friend sent a long list of antonyms to the idea of being ‘Infinite’. In the next paragraph is an abridged version of that list which I encourage everyone to read.

Limited bounded finite restricted confined ending temporary bordered definable walled fenced limited partial shallow short-lived conditional incomplete predictable broken perishable uncertain unfinished predetermined reserved negligible constrained handful imperfect unsuitable restrictive restricted scaled-down confined measly cramped trivial baby bite-size unimportant dwarfed inadequate sparse marginal claustrophobic knee-high ordinary common underdeveloped.

It evokes a feeling of insufficiency, doesn’t it? ‘Oh, I am sorry you couldn’t finish your project, that must have been heart-breaking.’

As if we don’t have a choice, for the most part when individuals begin anything, they reference only those things that are already ‘known’ to them, below them. Thus words, like from the list above, become so commonplace and bring about; limited possibilities, restricted playfulness, shallow dreams, confined novelty.

There are two photos above, each displaying a possibility for a ‘starting point’.

The one on the right sits patiently . . . begging to be tried.

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