How You Doing?

When asked the question ‘How are you doing?’ most of us rely on a mental chart somewhat like the one above where each column represents a different facet of our life. They could be: ‘Friend 1’ ‘Friend 2’ ‘House’ ‘Car’ ‘Worries’ ‘Disappointments’ ‘Health’ and a host of others.

To answer, we readily scan through the list and if none of the columns are in the negative we respond with ‘Fine’.

Responding to that question from the Infinite is a tad easier. There is but one column labeled ‘You’ and it is always at 100%, or higher.

In regard to the Infinite and ‘feelings’, there are no ‘negatives’ and not even a way to consider ‘negative’. All those things that are a part of life and normally thought of as negative like; death, sickness, heartbreak, disappointment and all the others . . .

can be empathized with and thought deeply about, but with no reduction in Bliss. Earthly events remain ‘earthly events’ with no correlation to the Infinite whatsoever. They are thought about in the context of Perfection.

The Infinite is about Perfection, in a realm that transcends anything we know or about which we can even dream. It is a unique way of living. One where we give up trying to use our severely limited ways of solving and negotiating things and not ‘turning the reins over to a higher entity’ but just giving up on ‘reins’ and any other methods or ideas we may know.

The Infinite has no gradations of good and bad. It’s perfect or it doesn’t exist there. It is the enabler of the highest caliber. It has no care and no interest in what you understand. It uses no words.

How are you? How do you answer that?

If every last negative thought was erased and blotted out from your life . . . what would your answer then be?

Fanciful? That’s up to you. Just its consideration can bring about one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have.

The enlightenment It brings makes it the most resourceful and exquisite entity to follow.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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