Unless you are at a point in your life where your deep-lying composure is disturbed enough to make you think alternative paths, the following paragraphs will be of no value to you.

If you are at a place where a good meal out with a friend just isn’t going to be good enough, and you know from past trials and errors that nothing you can do will bring about the magnitude of change that you desire . . . boy, have I got something to share with you.

There’s something missing but you have no idea what it is. You sense, there is nothing to fix, the cards you hold are OK, but you weren’t dealt a couple of key wild cards.

It feels exactly like your path just ended. Sure, you can go back and retry the last part again, but that has never helped. It just magnified the impact of that same old end point.

This ‘end point’ is the door to the Infinite – the only door. This place is one of instability. Nothing known will open the door. No key, no code, no crowbar, no insight. Many knock, but to no avail.

The door will open but only when it is understood that ‘total surrender’ is the only ‘key’ to experiencing the Infinite. When you completely get the idea that you have absolutely nothing to add, that is the beginning of wisdom.

Why bother? This ‘end point’ is not a stepping stone to a similar but elevated life. It is a jumping off point, not to a new life, but to a new indescribable Universe. You know you have received the invitation when your heart is ready to risk everything to experience Everything, to experience the Infinite.

This is a solitary undertaking, about You – exclusively. If you sense reservations, doubt, uncertainty – come back another time. Too many times has the Infinite heard, ‘Well, maybe, if I can . . .’ Many people aren’t ready to risk everything. This isn’t a contest to convert or proselytize. It is as if you can’t even join . . . you have to be asked.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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