Context: The interrelated conditions in which something exists

There was a time (yesterday, and before to be exact) when it seemed valid to attempt to solve worldly problems by administering different shades of the Infinite.

That somehow the concerns of individuals could be assuaged by loading a rifle with a perfectly designed bullet from the Infinite and firing it right into the heart of the problem.

This morning, a long-awaited epiphany took place which finally put this flawed way of thinking to rest and brought this enlightenment . . .

The Infinite is not some manual that you dig through to find help for personal problems. Neither is it some ultimate Fix-All for today’s maladies. The Infinite is not designed to be ‘used’ to facilitate some cure or to help find some elevated answer. We don’t use it, it uses us.

The Infinite is its own context. It doesn’t share its ways. It doesn’t try to fit-in and lend some helping-hand by smoothing over irregularities or bringing quick answers to problems. It first requires complete openness. Not ‘adherence’ or ‘allegiance’ – just openness.

It doesn’t know problems. You don’t come to the Infinite to direct it for your benefit. You come come to accept what it has to offer. That’s it.

This morning’s Magic came in the realization that this thing I call the Infinite is a group of people who have – for whatever reason – given up on all the things most folks so value on earth. Hitting the kill switch of their mind, letting it empty, and then letting it replenish itself with what Perfection has to offer.

We can not do anything to bring about that ‘process’. Human efforts are worthless. The only thing that could hasten the process is our lack of involvement.

The Infinite isn’t about handing out favors. It is also not about solutions. It is about a totally new way of life. It remains unknown because of our immersion into the lives we live here on Earth.

It remains unknown . . . because of our immersion into the lives we live here on Earth.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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