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A few days ago I was chastised by a close friend because I mentioned seeing something on a particular news channel. As is my temperament i glossed over the comment because of the certainty of where that subject of a ‘proper news channel’ would have gone.

So here we are . . . a country of relatively sane individuals who have personally elected to allow the media to break us up and conscript us into the service of factions of many opposing views.

Television: Channels filled with at best mediocre biased programming that we (almost all of us) permit to become our authority over the daily political arena.

How much rational thought does a person use while watching such divisive ‘data’ on the television? How many people actually mentally peruse and ponder what is being shown – before just accepting it as their truth?

Is the only obligation to assess validity one that is self-mandated?

It is a bit disheartening when people are asked ‘Why?’ they believe as they do and they proudly give the name of their favorite news service provider as a worthy answer.

This whole matter could be swept under a rug if it weren’t for the fact that the unfortunate ones involved don’t just lose a marble or a token or a game. They lose their lives. In vain, they die.

Is the answer, really, to huddle closer to the T.V. screen?

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  1. We are living in a society of divided ‘learned’ beliefs, ‘learned’ attitudes and ‘learned’ behavior. Each side( and there are distinct sides) visible and invisible that stand unmoveable on those sides. The question for me is: Can both sides ever come together with a desire to understand and deeply deeply look at where the roots of their ‘learned’ beliefs, attitudes and behaviors have come from and could there be something new and more elevated and unifying that the two sides could agree on and support…and lift up out of division and separation…wouldn’t it be amazing if we could come together as humanity and be willing to see beyond our differences…and find common ground to stand on together💛Let’s create that conversation…start that campaign…sign that petition …vote that into law!


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