Not Only Beauty

Perfect form, perfect color, perfect growth.

Remember the smell? Remember the sensation when that unique aroma wafted through your senses?

Fragrances like that elicit majestic feelings. Short-lived bounces in the trajectory of our lives. Not much is ever said about happenings similar to that. ‘Beautiful’ maybe appears, and then the list of our repertoire of descriptors runs out.

Gifts from the Infinite come in like packages. Ephemeral little puffs of heightened grandeur offered just for individual benefit. So perfect, no words are known that convey their perfection.

At least the above photo can partially rekindle a memory of past enlightenment. Fortunately, other photos are readily available to do the same . . .

just close your eyes and let the show begin.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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