The Future

The Future

All of us are going to spend every moment of our remaining existence there. Every second of it.

Right now, let your mind reflect on who you really are. Not the superficial attributes, but those marker buoys and those metal identification tags that have attached themselves to you. Way down deep there are gigantic rocks that establish your foundation.

What do they tell you? What words of description do they affix to your essence? In other words, at the base level – who are you?

If there is a facet or two of which you are not proud, in your privacy – move it out front. It’s been there quite awhile. It doesn’t want to move. Don’t let it off the hook. Raise it up, inspect it from all angles. Realize that this is a part of you – now. It is an integral part of your being.

The question is . . . do you want this to accompany you into the future? Will you allow this to be a part of you – forever?

You get no prize for toting that load. There’s no reward near the finish line for your efforts – not even a trophy.

‘Burden Carrying’ is unnecessary.

Somewhere along the way, there will be a little rest stop designed especially for those that chose to make the trip with too much baggage.

Maybe, then?

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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