Hold On

A person can’t have health by giving his or her health away.

Likewise, a person can’t have peace or happiness by continually giving up pieces of those qualities.

Then . . . can a person have ‘life’ by continually giving their life away?

If life is considered to be time spent alive – and if we spend time criticizing ourselves for what we consider our flaws and our substandard ways – aren’t we giving our live’s away?

It may be worth a moment of reflection to realize that those times we put ourselves on the chopping block do little more than waste time, create bad habits and approve of our self-condemnation.

This topic is so personal, but time doesn’t care about personalities. It will eat up an hour spent in the negative just as fast as one spent in complete bliss.

Turn on that negativity monitor. Heed its alert when the warning goes off. Have ready positives of the highest magnitude for replacements.

An hour saved makes a better life.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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