The Games We Play

Most games we choose to play are fun and are without the risk of bringing on a malady or some type of disordered condition.

But every so often we may become associated with situations that can be negative and devastating. As an example, alcoholism has been chosen, but any unwanted condition can be substituted in its place.

The cure for alcoholism can happen in a second, but it may take twenty years for that ‘second’ to arrive. The alcohol becomes the addicts friend on which he or she relies. A bond is created with the booze and the corrective process is always about breaking that bond.

What would happen if the addict assessed his situation and welcomed the alcohol . . . but with some type of proviso? Perhaps the person is an artist or writer and allows his mind to conjure up a scheme involving the consumption of the alcohol?

Take one drink, but before a second drink is permitted, two pages representing your artistic abilities must be finished, and the same reciprocation would follow for additional imbibing.

Before mentally trashing this concept please realize this is just an example that probably wouldn’t work. But the idea is this . . .

It might work for one person, and if another more apropos activity of merit was substituted, it might work very well. All life’s strategies are personal and our mind can truly surprise us with new ways of viewing a concern and can create powerful possibilities to accentuate value.

The above proposed idea could also be applicable with things that are great in your life. Add a nutritional smoothie to your work-out routine. Consider a new venue for your art. Get a new seat for your bicycle. Do a blog!

Make it – a game! A game that gets better each time you play it.

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