The Thoughts We Will Never Have

This ‘reality’ in which we live is nothing more or nothing less than exactly what we think it is – and we all know so little about this reality.

We think of ‘increasing happiness’. What does that mean; a vacation, a chocolate milkshake, a new love? Like so many other things, ‘happiness’ is just another word relating to some abstract concept that has no real meaning in itself, but relies on ‘unhappiness’ to be partially understood.

No matter what the question, the answer we come up with is limited by our rendition of our reality.

After years of pondering religions, quantum theories, gods, beliefs and everything else that people let become part of their reality, I have settled on this . . .

I know nothing. This ‘Infinite’ thing I speak about – is it real? No idea. Can our thoughts affect our health? No idea. Does ‘Magic’ happen or is it always just coincidence? No idea. Reincarnation? Out-of-body experiences? Ask any question and I will answer, ‘I don’t know.’

I do get a feeling though, that periods of silence allow thoughts of a higher strain to appear, and they are possibilities of higher and more profound answers. Is that true? I have no idea. It seems to be true. There are associated feelings which seem to arise as a sort of support of it.

It seems to allow the appearance of a new reality. So much so, that the proof of its validity is completely overshadowed by the desire just to be a part of it.

As to those thoughts we will never have . . .

it opens up oceans of possibilities never before even realized.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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