As You Know It

The world – our world – your world. It is, exactly as you have created it in your mind.

It will not change, it can not change, unless your thinking about it changes. The attributes you have given to it are different than everyone else’s. The ‘truths’ that that image above emotes is your definition of the earth. It is unique, it is your’s – alone.

Interesting it would be if we knew our friend’s understanding of his or her earth. To him or her, is earth a place of life or death, possibility or impossibility, love or hate, happiness or grief, ease or struggle, growth or where things wither? Those concepts are some of the key building blocks to who we really are.

Every day that definition of our ethereal home gets tweaked a bit and it usually depends on the quality of the day we just encountered.

If ‘amazing possibilities’ are absent from your definition, they will continue to be absent from your life. That status will hold true for any trait you care to mention. They all will remain aloof from you until you allow them to flow in your life.

This ‘definition’ of the earth is really a relationship we have with it. And this correspondence to it, and with it, is not a static ‘given’.

It is truly an awe-inspiring dynamic, based on . . .

as you know it.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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