Teleprompter Assist

If you would like to hear an idea about making better and better decisions no matter what you are doing, try this . . .

A ‘fissure’ is a narrow crack or opening of considerable length and depth. Before doing any action such as speaking, solving a problem, or getting a suggestion – create a mental fissure for a second or two.

Shut off your thoughts and allow input from a higher source. The process is like looking at a teleprompter that always has perfect information designed just for your situation.

For instance, right now you could close your eyes and just ‘check in’ to see if there is something waiting for you. Perhaps it is an idea of how you can most efficiently take advantage of this in your style.

A quick pause can bring possibilities you might overlook, or it may give you an entirely new insight on the subject at hand.

These fissures are like mini coffee breaks, very short and very effective.

And who knows . . . I believe they can last for even more than a few seconds if so desired.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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