What Do You Want Your Story To Be?

Pleasing it would be, to have words that would unfurl each morning and be exactly what everyone wants to read that day. But that is not the case for me, and that is O.K.

To achieve a series of words that are meaningful to an individual is mostly luck, at least it is in this Infinite realm. We each have our own unique story and the critical words that are written and also intersect specifically with your story, rarely occur.

In an attempt to crossover as many personal stories as possible, consider . . .

what do you really want your story to be? If you are uncertain, stay with that question until answers arrive that allow you to be totally true to yourself. Not grandma’s wishes or stale old mandates from the past that still linger.

Then, whatever rendition of a garden is most meaningful for you, plant those seeds. You’re sure to get other growth. Examine them; are they weeds, your old ways, habits? Then edit. Edit hard!

It’s your story. Make certain nothing is growing of which you disapprove. Also, assure everything is there that you want to be growing.

A little care, a little nourishment, a little weeding later on and this garden will be your ‘perfect words’ – everyday of your life.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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