While Traveling . . .

Destinations are over-rated. We’re all going somewhere, to the next; meeting, store, room, vacation site, pickleball game, restaurant. And really, not much of any importance happens at the destinations anyway. Our ‘current’ self – who ever that is – experiences where we are in accordance with who we are.

The time we have ‘between’ events is what is critical. Those moments sitting at a red light . . . where we make silent utterances to ourselves may be much more important than we realize.

During those one or two minute breaks we can fill our minds with amazing thoughts, the trouble is those thoughts are way too often negative. Some things you hear might be . . .

‘I am so busy. I don’t want to see this person now. Why can’t someone else do this? I could call and reschedule. Why me?’ We’ve all been there and heard that dialogue.

But what we seldom hear are the positives. ‘I am so happy to be traveling here, how can this visit be the best ever?’

Thoughts change your path.

The extent of your happiness is based on the quality of your path.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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