Set in Stone

There’s a place in the mind where the concrete is allowed to harden.

It is reserved for those beliefs we somehow ‘know’ are true. Perhaps it was the person who said them, or the circumstances during which they were said, or the repetition of the beliefs we underwent.

Doesn’t really matter how they got there, what matters is that they are there, mixed in with the concrete that has been hardening for what, a month, a year, decades?

They’re in this slab that is aloof from the balance of the mind, remaining untouched or even unthought of – until we are questioned about them or they come up in a conversation. Examples of these would be; your chosen variety of god or God, heaven, truth, reincarnation and all other similar words and ideas, all void of sufficient empirical definition.

Gathered, then left to die, in some lonesome slab of concrete.

But here’s the thing . . . while we still have life, those solidifying thoughts still control everything we do, or don’t do. They are our representatives, the building blocks of our very stature.

The question is – are those ‘set in stone’ attributes doing a perfect job of representing – who you are today?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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