We All Have Questions

Some, little pesky routine queries, that are frivolous. But there are those, with teeth, that get and hold our attention. Those that ask about our role in the bowl of life and our search for the cherries.

These ‘cherries’ – the answers – are always with you. Most likely they are covered up with layers of mental rubbish that you never realized should be thrown out.

Put your hand down. Understand that no one has your perfect answer but you. You can go to Tibet, find your holy guru, do what ever it is that you see fit. But, eventually, to find the deep answers, you must find your way to yourself.

Then, you can raise your hand again and ask yourself those hard questions you want to pass off to other people. You might ask yourself, ‘Why do I persist in activities like these?’ or other full-bodied inquiries about life.

Answers to questions of that depth require quietness and time for reflection that must come from only you. The answers remain near you, just waiting to be discovered.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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