Audio & Video Clips

They’re part of our lives and they are everywhere; media, T.V., YouTube, radio, commercials. They influence who we are.

We can swear off watching the news, boycott some products or lie in wait for something more beneficial to come along.

In the same manner, we have some clips in our minds that can be even worse. Little sound bites that randomly pop-up, that remind us of a personal deficiency, an action that we should have taken or how poorly we attempted a recent task.

We eliminate external stimuli from our life, and we can also remove the internal as well. Do not replay anything that can be harmful to you.

One of the most effective ways to rid a negative is to have a predetermined positive ready – to wipe it out. When you first sense that negative, instead of embracing it, think of it as a trigger to play a positive rendition of the concern. Blow that negative right out of the water.

Smokey the Bear stamps out forest fires.

Go stamp out negativity.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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