Life Adjusters

Pick slider #1. Label it so you know what it controls. Let’s say you choose; ‘The length of time I will stay around and listen to people talk about a subject I care nothing about’. Then move the first slider to the appropriate number of minutes for you. Maybe you set it for five minutes.

That ‘five minutes’ will now be an established metric for your life. The next time you’re in a group you will have a new control for your life. If the subject being discussed isn’t to your liking you look at your watch and the timing begins. In five minutes you excuse your self and leave.

If the last three minutes were unbearable, move the slider to ‘two minutes’. Use your experiences to tweak the sliders.

Slider #2. Its label might be; ‘To what extent will I allow any person or thing to lower my level of happiness or bliss?’ Once you think of a label it gives it life and you will be reminded of it when – in this case – your happiness is challenged.

‘To your own self be true’. These adjusters do just that. You set them and then abide by the position to which they are set – for your life.

Slider #3. You choose; ‘My level of contentment’. Everyone has an overall assessment of how they feel, based on their current situation. With zero being death and 100% being total elation, pick a number that represents the lowest feeling of contentment you ever want to experience. Set the slider there. 85%? If that is your choice, never permit yourself to go below that – no matter what happens.

Once you get comfortable there, slide it up to 90%. You get the picture.

Slider #4. How about ‘The amount of time I want just for myself to dream, to just be me.’? Twenty minutes per day? Try it. See how that works out for you. Maybe forty-five? Slide it on up there.

The number of sliders and their labels are of course completely up to you. They can be established to add things to your life or to rid them. They can make some doors harder to open and others, easier. Create the perfect sliders, set them perfectly and a perfect life just may follow.

Using sliders, everything can happen gradually, if you so desire. Or . . . just slam them to zero or 100% and watch what happens.

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