A Personal Symphony

I can envision a very skilled pianist sitting at a piano in deepest reverie, waiting for the desired placement of her hands to be given to her. Waiting for the assignment of her fingers to the appropriate keys.

Then, at the given moment, those keys are played . . .

Then, a pause . . .

Then, a second selection of keys are depressed . . .

And this continues . . .

But . . .

the continuation is without the desire of any statement being made. It is a flow – on which we let ourselves float. A flow, absent any outcome.

The notes, the chords, the music that follows, is simply the music – that should follow.

Our lives are very similar. For each of us, what follows today and all the days thereafter, is simply what should follow.

Let the piano . . .

play you.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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