Not much is said about ‘nothing’. There are no royal colors, no unique tapestries, and no items of wonder to consume.

Nothing is the only thing that highlights subtleties.

Aristotle reminded us to ‘Know Yourself’. This ‘knowing’ is found during time-outs in nothingness where we allow freshness to come to us. It is a pause for re-evaluation, a time to be open to suggestions for a better and higher life.

A time to consider what you spend time on, and how you spend it. So many folks have declarations about themselves. ‘I am too busy, too fat, too tired, too sick, ad nauseam.’ Schedule a time-out with just yourself in a serene venue of quietness and just be open to what comes your way to replace those questionable traits.

Experiment a bit. Get in touch with what is really in charge of your life. Understand that, fully.

When your perfection arrives you’ll be on the doorstep – of mastering yourself.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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