The Unborn Moment

You feed it, nourish it and care for it. It takes you through life as you work, play, try to comprehend, experience and grow.

But, perhaps once, a moment of reflection comes. A solemn moment where you become speechless, motionless. Transfixed.

A moment – where you realize – another slice in a higher realm is forming right on your stage. Perhaps it’s that you have become too familiar with your old life. You can now foresee the repetition. You pretty much know your future. You’ll do pretty much the same things in pretty much the same venues, as though you are just postponing the arrival of the ‘unborn moment’.

But, perhaps once, the moment gains traction. Stops you dead in your tracks. You see this game you have been playing from above. This time your life is viewed in its proper proportion – as a tiny dot – nestled into the backdrop of the Infinite.

The entity that you have been feeding and nourishing all this time realizes its inadequacy and obsolescence, turns and walks away. Your life-long buddy is deserting you, but it is no accident. All the key factors of this epiphany understand exactly what is going on, except you.

The security, comfort and hope you have built up over your lifetime is walking away, establishing a new platform you must consider. The universe is opening up – to you. It has no words of encouragement because our words are much too limited. It can only bring about feelings. To the extent those feelings effect you, will determine if you turn and run after your departing friend – or – if you watch her walk away and all alone you take a chance on a feeling . . . a feeling of nothingness – and everything.

Just the process of decision brings sensations never experienced or dreamed of before. It is a decision about the value you place on your ‘old’ life contrasted with just a feeling about some new life . . . called the ‘Infinite’.

And that is exactly it – a new life, waiting to be born. Maybe there will be no birth, just a saying, ‘Once I had the opportunity to experience that, but . . .’

But, – perhaps once – the fertilization will be allowed to take place and the regenerative process will begin. A never before seen sunrise will appear, created just for your eyes. Transfixed, you’ll turn your back on all you ‘know’ and take your first step into a wonderland of imagination.

The alternative, as always, is to remain with all the others . . . sitting with their backs to the sunrise, worshiping the night.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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