Irrational Sequence

Perhaps in a library, falling off to sleep, or a mid-day break – quietness beckons your unencumbered mind.

You let go. To where? Antarctica, the head of a pin, into the plot of a story you read yesterday, or some persuasive fantasy world?

With your eyes shut your head tilts a bit and all of a sudden you are back learning how to ride your first two-wheeler, or receiving your first kiss, or buying some article of clothing. Why do these possibilities appear and not others? Are they related in some way to our current events?

0ur lives are divided into remembered snippets of life. We re-experience life through those memories, one at a time, via a sequence which apparently has no meaning in itself.

Curious . . . could these snippets have some meaning? The next ten thoughts that come to us, might they all be tangents of one common subject?

Maybe our most current thoughts are clues that could be captured and fitted together in a 3-D jigsaw puzzle whose core would hold some higher answer.

When we think, isn’t that what we are doing . . . bringing together related memories?

Who, or what, is responsible for the prioritization of those memories? Can we even influence the order of appearance of those memories?

Or, can we only chalk up our lives to irrationality?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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