Missing Something?

Out looking for a missing part? Something so attractive and inviting you would welcome it in, in a heartbeat? An addition, an exquisite addition. A foundational rock of splendor that would automatically lift you to a new plateau?

A chunk of life never experienced before, but one that has such a connection with you that it can’t be ignored? A footprint that perfectly accepts your shoe. A chair whose form meshes exactly with every contour of your shape. A conversation that aligns with every topic you love.

All of those desired attributes can not be found. They all reside within you – firmly established.

Sure, every once in a while you may come in contact with an exciting possibility that may overlap with a part of your essence, and a certain resonance may occur. But that spark that excites is but a stimulus to a part of you which already exists within.

And that’s what we really want, isn’t it . . . thoughts, ideas, prompts, visions, suggestions – that don’t ever question who we are, but just bring us another pillow, another smile, and a cup of tea.

You are. They are. We are. All of us are already established. The boulders in our foundations are huge. The rock-hard concrete in which they reside is unyielding. And we still go looking for a painting to hang on a wall. Nothing is missing.

You are! It’s all there, everything that is needed. How you rate the aspects of your life is up to you – horrible to magnificent- it’s up to you.

You are! Looking for something to ‘add-on’? Ponder your uniqueness! Cherish that uniqueness. Judge none of it – celebrate all of it. Not with some meaningless, fanciful banter – but with a solid, proud ownership of everything that you are. Total acceptance, with no excuses.

Be happy with yourself. Then, happier. Then laugh. Then laugh harder.

Position yourself on your favorite beach and let waves of contentment wash over you unceasingly.

The world wants you. No additions needed.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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