Talking about Perfection . . .

Do you have your ‘perfect’ spot in the whole world? ‘Oh, yes, I have many,’ you may answer. But we’re not talking about possibilities here, we’re identifying the one selection you would pick over all others.

Below, is my choice. Although there is a beach there, that fact has little or no importance. What does matter is the obvious beauty, but the main reason is the little inlet there. The waves rush in and then the ebb occurs, releasing most of the captive water. Hypnotically the in-and-out motion washes away any impurities, and combined with the splashing and melodies of the surf – that makes the perfect backdrop, for me – for now.

McClure’s Beach, Marin County, California

A perfect ‘spot’ is but one aspect of life. The word ‘perfect’ can be applied to any noun. A perfect; meal, drink, morning, sunset, message, union, thought, or perfect dream. Anything in your life can be juxtaposed with ‘perfect’.

It is a beautiful activity while thinking about anything to mentally ask yourself, ‘How can this – be even more perfect?’

After doing that for a while you’ll begin to notice certain answers, or facets, that your mind will continually bring into focus. The revelation of those facets may be clues to who you really are and who you really want to be.

You are the only one who knows what ‘perfection’ means – to you. This perfection is intimate, pure, and deeply personal.

Most amazing, though, is perfection’s quality of unboundedness. No matter how convinced you may be that something is great, it can always be better, more perfect – for you.

Pretend you have a pocketful of mental, post-it notes that ask, ‘How can this be more perfect?’ Then, whenever something occurs that is uncertain or not quite right – slap a post-it note on it and let your mind go to work. It got a little better!? Slap on another one!

Your mind will be elated to be thinking the highest thoughts and doing so with no reins of any kind.

Talking about Perfection . . . isn’t that the most ‘perfect’ subject – for you?

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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