The Best Possible Version

So, we go looking for it. Travel the earth, talk to people, see what has worked for others.

You read a maxim – ‘Be your best self’ – Who knows what that is?

Or – ‘Do what you love’ – Got a clue? Great advise if life were just a static venue. But life is dynamic, things change, what we love may vary, our ‘best possible version’ is impossible to nail down.

An answer to the ‘best possible version’ may lie in the concept of ‘cleaning your slate’. Forgetting what you did yesterday and how you did it. Stopping the use of memorized actions. We all can feel the world changing under our feet. We must realize the changes that are taking place and allow for our personal adjustment to them.

No one knows his or her best possible version. But we can bring that phenomenon closer by advancing openly and cautiously, replacing the old, stale fragments that may have suited us in the past, with ones of a higher order – designed by us, for us.

Wipe as clean as possible, removing imperfections. Replace with the highest versions you can conceive.


Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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