Mental Strictures

Stricture; an expression of disapproval

‘Stricture’ in real estate, for example, would not allow for trespassing. A church may have strictures about morals. Restaurants have strictures concerning etiquette.

‘Easements’ are what allows abandonment of strictures.

An easement through a property abandons the stricture and may allow access through it.

Individuals have strictures about anything and everything. Humans in this context are similar to property. We come equipped with social strictures of all types about; trespassing, right and wrong, good and bad.

God imposes strictures, we impose strictures. Is it time for an occasional tiny rivulet of an easement permitted through our callousness of strictures? To allow taboo possibilities to at least be considered in our search for correctness?

Might it be the time to allow easements into our uncharted territories?

Even the freedom to consider such a mental advance seems to fall in this giant wasteland of dead ideas which surrounds us today. A wasteland that grows and grows as we acquiesce to our freedoms becoming non-existent.

Find an easement. Create an easement. Cherish it. Protect it. Explore it. See where it goes.

It may be the last one left.

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