New Sheriff in Town

It is a purely personal task for an individual to consider the separate components of his or her life.

The sections may be; freedom, happiness, health, academic, etc. No matter what they are called, there must be some dedication to them for a positive, predictable outcome to be assured.

This ‘dedication’ is the key. Health is not established by eating a salad once a month, just as happiness is not guaranteed by reading a joke every day.

If there is a part of your life that needs attention, the only person that matters is you . . . the new Sheriff in town.

You must assume that position of complete authority. You must identify for yourself which behaviors are acceptable and which are not – and then massaging those requirements into a regimen that is perfect for you.

This regimen can be designed and tweaked to perfection. When established perfectly, it will fit like a glove. The things that you have to do will be the things you want to do.

There will be a spark of enthusiasm, a vitalizing spirit which accompanies each category, that becomes so attractive it will make not doing the appropriate actions seem like you are violating your identity. And, of course, you would be.

You are the Sheriff. Determine what it is you want to be and then make the rules for its attainment.

Shine that badge. Make sure your name tag is straight. Iron that uniform. Clean the gun.

Look up. There might be a deputy waiting to join you.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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