Feeling Good First

Most people think from conditions to status – from things to feelings.

If I get this this car or if I take the trip I’ll feel wonderful. But the car arrives, you take the trip, and nothing changes.

Everything changes, though, when instead of relying on ‘things’ to make us feel good, we feel good first! We let our found feeling of bliss attract the vehicle, trip or ‘thing’ that will most enhance our bliss.

A magical part of life is missed when we ignore the concept of taking time throughout our lives to focus on perfecting our well-being and experiencing the elation that goes along with that.

Without that aspect, we have life without living. Life takes on the traits of its own absence.

If, deep down inside, you have a nagging belief that something is wrong, it is time to come to grips with that and bring that emotion to one of peace. Be responsible for your emotions and be in control of them.

Travel, vicariously – with the right attitude – is better than any travel without it.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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