How Good Can You Make Yourself Feel?

Instead of thinking about ‘adding’ worldly possibilities, which almost always come with some negative consequences attached . . .

ponder instead the idea of eliminating the negative things in your life which take away your jubilance.

It is impossible to turn on the T.V. and not be bombarded with comments about diseases and medications. This is but one example but how much better would you feel if the mention of those negatives weren’t filling your mind while you were watching T.V.?

No matter what the subject, if you are putting up with it day after day, consider ways of avoiding or excluding it. Find alternatives. If it’s a recurring event, replace it with actions that are profound in their ability to make you feel incredible.

Every time a thought that is less than perfect enters your consciousness, imagine yourself without it. Cull. Then cull some more.

You’ll end up with – your perfect self.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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